Salvage Worker Makes a Video Log Entry


maneuvering an asteroid is no mean feat,
i tell you. i've got to make sure
i get it back to the yard or else
mr. superior will blackhole my paycheck.
but jupiter really tests the brakes,
know what i'm sayin'. we've lost
a couple of company cruisers
to its g-belt. now, they're just junk
the government won't even flick
a tentacle to tow away. but i get
to keep this thankless job. i just hope
my brakes hold long enough
while my trusty wrench and i
salvage what company crap we can
from these dead floats. the mechanics
with their eight grimy sleeves will cuss
me at clock-out, for sure. they keep tellin'
i should work the bolts with care. i've been
savin' up bolts for their birthdays. nuts.
i'd better remember to pocket
a green tube from the old fission
reactor for my kid's diorama
homework. he's doing this bit
on outdated hardware. i tell him,
why don't you just snap a hologram of me
while i haul myself and this screeching rock
out of the garage?
he just snorts
(my own flesh and goo, what can i tell you).
green, daddy, green! don't forget!
i didn't. i'll get him all the colors
i could yank from the messy board
even if it mottle-fries my arm.
that kid better be wishin' hard
my brakes don't die. i got saturn next
on my list, and that's overtime
pay for the missus.


* After finishing this poem, I decided to dedicate it to the memory, gifted imagination, sharp wit, and unmitigated humor of Douglas Adams. Hats off to you, DNA. "So long, and thanks for all the fish."

* I have already mentioned, in an entry posted last October 10, that "I have a thing for alternating themes when I post here, i.e. from the generally 'happy' to the generally 'sad' poems" and vice-versa. Occasionally, I also change the style, as you may have noticed from the above poem when compared with previous (recent) ones. Sometimes I just have all-out fun. (grin) Cheers.

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posted by S.L. Corsua