12 Poems: The December List


The third list in a row. ;)

As with the related October and November blog entries, the following is a list of must-see, much-recommended poems posted on writing blogs I have had the good fortune to visit within the past month. (Note: I have deliberately focused on poetry sites not yet featured in this kind of list. So, to those of you who have gone over my picks last October and November: do have fun now, meeting other bloggers -- possibly new acquaintances -- who share a similar passion for poetry writing. Cheers.)

A Study in Gender Development by Scot Young. link

Child of My Heart by Rachel Westfall. link

Christmas Trip by Dymphna. link

Doodles of the Mind by Carole. link

Home Thoughts by Gordon Mason. link

How to Pray Without Ceasing (2) by Melissa Crowe. link

Lament for Federico Garcia Lorca by Christine Swint. link

Patriotism by Hugh McMillan. link

Quick Cathartic Sonnet Before Never Mind the Buzzcocks by Antonionioni. link

The Dance by Maggie May Ethridge. link

The Weaving II by Rachel Westfall. link

A Blighty One by Ken Head. (link removed as of January 2009; site closed)

And now, for the bonus feature: a couple of witty, good-humored poems by Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906), one of my favorite African-American poets.


     He was a poet who wrote clever verses,
     And folks said he had a fine poetical taste;
     But his father, a practical farmer, accused him
     Of letting the strength of his arm go to waste.

     He called on his sweetheart each Saturday evening,
     As pretty a maiden as ever man faced,
     And there he confirmed the old man's accusation
     By letting the strength of his arm go to waist.

     The Unlucky Apple

     'Twas the apple that in Eden
     Caused our father's primal fall;
     And the Trojan War, remember --
     'Twas an apple caused it all.
     So for weeks I've hesitated,
     You can guess the reason why,
     For I want to tell my darling
     She's the apple of my eye.

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