Tuesday Poem: On Marrying a Poet


He called me modern
as though his hair greyed
faster than mine. When sullen
he would mutter Poe's
last four lines in "Alone"
under his breath, thinking me deaf

for rhyme. But I who fell
for his Yeats (when he was but shy
in his boyhood, slipping love
letters in my purse) would lead
his conscious measuring
lips to my breast --

where trails that curve and drawl
          his attention
for my free

                            S.L. Corsua

* Edgar Allan Poe's "Alone" is one of my favorite classic poems. Here are its last four lines:

               From the thunder and the storm,
               And the cloud that took the form
               (When the rest of Heaven was blue)
               Of a demon in my view.

The "demon in my view" line cracks me up whenever I imagine the conversation of the (fictional) married couple in the first stanza of "On Marrying a Poet."

To those who read and/or write and appreciate both formal poetry and free verse: cheers.

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posted by S.L. Corsua