impetus of a confessional poem


the poem saunters to you

     with a pack of human fingers
     (smooth, callus-free, unbent
     from not writing); the poem

asks if you've got it: have you
got a light?


* Here's an ars poetica poem, with the confessional poets (Sylvia Plath at the helm) in mind.

* Time for a bit of poetry confession --

(1) I rarely write confessional poems. Too easy to get hooked on; difficult to wean one's self from.
(2) I don't write poetry during periods of heightened emotions. It's a conscious choice.
(3) I have a penchant for persona writing. It's more fun than omniscience.
(4) I relish personification. I'm a very curious relativist.
(5) Pet Peeve Numero Uno: its versus it's.

posted by S.L. Corsua