poem published in Eclectica


The Oct/Nov 2010 issue of Eclectica includes a poem of mine:

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Eclectica was founded in October 1996. Yes, 1996! Fourteen years later, founder Tom Dooley is still doing what he does best, "providing quality material for the appetites of a wide variety of demanding readers." (Click here and here to read more about this literary magazine.)

The following are several of my favorites among the poems appearing in its past issues:

The Story by Shoshauna Shy (Eclectica, Apr/May 2010 issue)

Anna, Let Me Introduce Some More of Me to You by John Grey (Eclectica, Oct/Nov 2009 issue)

the planes, they land with a thud by Rohith Sundararaman (Eclectica, Apr/May 2009 issue)

Portrait of A Soldier by Michael Caylo-Baradi (Eclectica, Apr/May 2009 issue)

Many thanks to Jennifer Finstrom, Poetry Editor, and to Tom Dooley, Managing Editor, for accepting and publishing my poem, "Gilon-Gilon (The Harvest)." Tom, I can't wait for Eclectica to hit the two-decade mark. Cheers!

posted by S.L. Corsua